A man claiming to be Superman meets a struggling documentary film-maker... and she decides to exploit the hell out of him. That's the premise of The Man Who Was Superman, a Korean movie coming Jan. 31. Cynical, hard-living Soo-jung Song makes a film mocking the crazy guy who thinks he's Superman, and it becomes a huge hit. Then it turns out he may actually be right (see some on-set flying pics.) Let's hope it's closer to Storytelling than to the annoyingly screwball Save The Green Planet. Meanwhile, here are some spoilers for The Signal, Star Trek, Smallville, Lost and Jericho:

  • See some spooky-ass new pics from February's The Signal, about static that makes you kill-crazy. [Shocktillyoudrop]
  • Tribbles, those furry fast-breeders from the original TV show, will make a pointless cameo in the new Star Trek movie. [TrekMovie]
  • Jericho season two will feature more soldiers (real ones, not imposters) and the town will engage more with the outside world. [E! Online]
  • On Smallville, the real Clark will return, and Pete will get superpowers from meteorite-laced chewing gum. No, really. [TV Squad]
  • Meanwhile, Lost season three will look back at the island, and the crash survivors, from "vantage points removed in time and space." [E! Online again]
  • Iffier Lost spoilers: Kate is on trial for murder after she gets off the island. And Michael gets in an alley fight with the supposedly dead Mr. Friendly and then heads back to the island. [Josh Brown]