When a conceptual artist imagines a futuristic sewer system, you'd expect something that would give Dr. Seuss nightmares. Not so in this glance down a sewer corridor from artist Ben Procter. It looks spartan, utilitarian, orderly, and just plain gorgeous. It's enough to make you want to dive underground and look for crawly aliens in toilet water.

I had to visit the sewer and water treatment plant in Lubbock, Texas once for a paper I was writing in college, and it didn't look anything close to this. It was filthy, dark, and full of rusty pipes. This look at Procter's sewer looks clean enough to eat off its floor, and even that yellow duct on the right-hand side doesn't look out of place, despite it's Brazil-esque patchy installation work. Give us something like this to process our waste with, and folks wouldn't mind working there anymore.


You can check out more of Ben's excellent concept art and film visuals at his website.