You already know about Provigil, also known as "professor's little helper," but what about other favorite performance-enhancing drugs among people who think for a living? According to yesterday's Los Angeles Times, everyone from classical musicians to physicists are gobbling down "attention enhancers" and "fear blockers." So what are the most awesome brain-sharpening drugs?

Concentration-enabler Provigil remains the favored drug among scientists, while professional poker players prefer ADHD drug Adderall for sharpening attention. Another ADHD drug, Ritalin, is also tops among poker players and college students. And apparently a recent survey revealed that up to a quarter of flute players in symphonies use beta-blockers like Inderal to prevent stage fright from giving them "rubber fingers" that could throw off an entire performance. And yet nobody is calling for a ban on scientific breakthroughs made under the influence of drugs, or to disqualify flutists who take fear-stopping drugs.


Just remember, Adderall, Ritalin, Provigil and Inderal are all available as prescription drugs. And so far, you won't get your patents revoked for discovering shit under the influence. Time to stock up!
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