The delay-plagued The Day The Earth Stood Still remake gained a shot of credibility with the casting of Jon Hamm, fresh from his Golden Globe nod for Mad Men. The movie, also starring Keanu Reeves (playing the alien Klaatu) and Jennifer Connelly, started principal photography Dec. 12. [Reuters] A new Jericho pic, plus bad signs for AVP and Wolverine, below the fold.

  • Emily will keep getting closer to Jake on Jericho now that her city-slicker fiance Roger is out of the picture, judging from this new preview pic. Plus Emily bakes a cake to console Jake's mom over his dad's death. Thrilling. [Televisionista]
  • Fox confirmed it won't screen Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem for critics, a surefire sign of toxic buzz in the making. [Cinemablend]
  • The X-Men's Wolverine spin-off lost a little bit of its appeal when Gerard Butler [300] said he was definitely not co-starring. [MovieHole]
  • Another movie nobody has high hopes for: video game adaptation Tekken, directed by Dwight Little (Anacondas: The Hunt For The Blood Orchid.) Near-future scifi, man against evil corporation, martial arts, you get the idea. [Slashfilm]
  • Rhona Mitra (Boston Legal) stars in May's Doomsday as a leader of an elite military squad sent into a quarantined Scotland to find a cure for a deadly virus. [Actress Archives]
  • The Cloverfield monster bites emo dudes' heads off and rubs its body against buildings, and then little creatures crawl away from its body and fuck things up. [AICN]