Stan Lee had a lot to talk about earlier this week when he accepted his Jules Verne Lifetime Achievement award, and one of those things was the fact that Marvel has been seriously considering doing a movie based on their Power Pack comic book. You can't chalk this one up to senility, because Lee definitely has all his marbles with him, but dear god in heaven please send a packet of smelling salts to the bigwigs over there before it's too late.

To put things in perspective, Power Pack is the book you hoped you weren't put on when you were hired by Marvel. Imagine getting hired at the place you've dreamed about working, and then being told "We're going to make you the letterer on Power Pack!" Ouch. Although it ran for 62 issues, it was never considered one of Marvel's finest.

The book was about four siblings, aged five to twelve, with the last name Power, who gained their abilities from a dying alien who was trying to stop their father from accidentally destroying the Earth with an experiment. As he kicked the bucket, he passed along his powers to them, leading them to don costumes and adopt nicknames like Mass Master and Energizer. They kept their identities a secret from their parents, although they never wore masks so they quite possibly had the dumbest parents on the planet.


The Powers, or "Power Pack" as they started calling themselves, fought alongside the X-Men and plenty of other Marvel heroes, but always felt like they were toddlers who had wandered into the fray. The series was canceled in 1991, but it's been popping back up with one-shots and miniseries lately, so someone still has a real soft spot for these characters. We just can't figure out who that is.

Marvel tried developing a live-action version in 1991 as a Saturday morning show, but it died after a craptastic pilot was produced. It's harder to find than bootleg copies of The Star Wars Christmas Special, but word is that it was horrendous. If they tried to bring it back today, it would meet with the same fate. After all, kids now have the Teen Titans and The Legion of Superheroes on television. Plus, if you saw the Tim Allen movie Zoom, then you've seen the best that a Power Pack movie could hope to be. There's a ton of great Marvel properties that would make great film or television properties. This ain't one of 'em.

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