Just a few more weeks until January 8, the day Sunshine DVDs hit stateside. This flick is director Danny Boyle's space opera about a ship called the Icarus II whose destiny is to plunge into the heart of the sun and "relight" it. OK, dorky science premise aside, this is a seriously awesome show from the director of 28 Days Later, with gorgeous designs and a trippy FX-laced plot. One of the touches of realism Boyle insisted on was exploring how the spaceship would provide its own oxygen via an elaborate system of plant-lined ducts. You can see the "oxygen room" set here under construction — those big washing machine-looking things are ducts, and the floor is soon to be packed with plants. See the final sets after the jump.

Here is the oxygen room from above.

And here's the oxygen room once Icarus starts getting super-heated from the sun.

There's also a clip of Michelle Yeoh looking lovely and washing carrots in the oxygen room here.