Seventeen-year-old Tabitha Brennan drives a truck which transforms into a giant girl robot, crushing the mobsters who stand between her and crime boss-hood. That's just one splash page from this week's Birds of Prey #113, the first issue from Sean McKeever (Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane). See the full image, and get some spoilers, below the fold.

This is the MechaTabZilla, as the Huntress nicknames it during the battle over Metropolis. Tabitha wants to take over her father's crime empire now that she's killed him, but his old colleagues won't take her seriously. So she nabs this truck, which the Birds of Prey think is loaded with weapons. Instead, the truck turns out to be a robot in disguise.


I love that the truck's cab is the robot's pelvis. And McKeever gets in a nice riff on the book's usual girl-power theme. The gangsters are trying to decide whether they should smack Tabitha down "with the backhand or the forehand." And then Tabitha's giant robot fist crashes through the wall of their little gang sanctum.

After disappointing runs on Countdown and Teen Titans, this is the closest McKeever has come to Mary Jane-y goodness in a while. The giant robo-teen feels just out-of-left enough that it could have come from Gail Simone, the longtime Birds writer who left a few months ago.