A giant solar flare hits the Earth and decimates the entire Eastern hemisphere, killing millions of people and mutating others into hideous creatures. Would you run for the hills or start trying to save the world's greatest art treasures? Most people would probably be busy building a seriously badass underground bunker rather than thinking about the fate of the Mona Lisa while avoiding mutants and marauding pirates, but the heroes of the new comic book miniseries Afterburn coming next month from Red 5 Comics. Preview panels after the jump.

The newbie publisher describes this book as "Indiana Jones Meets Mad Max," and it's co-written by Red 5 founders Scott Chitwood and Paul Ens. It reminds us of that scene in Children of Men where Nigel (played by Danny Huston) sits back in the Ministry of Art and eats dinner in front of Picasso's Guernica and sips wine in front of Michaelangelo's David. In a world where the the planet's population is shrinking daily, he's more worried about the world's precious artworks than the human dilemma. Afterburn sounds like it's about the less dainty people who would work for him.

Check out the first five pages of Afterburn in our gallery, plus a bonus shot of Danny and Clive in happier times. You know, before the gutshot and all that.