The trailer for Torchwood Season Two is out today, and it features new cast member James Marsters flashing his physique, wearing a skin-tight shirt, sporting hair gel, and bringing two-gun action to the table as he tries to out-grin John Barrowman, who might just have the biggest mouth in the entire science fiction universe.

Despite its roots as a spinoff of the relaunched and ages-old Doctor Who series, Torchwood is dark and sexy, just the way we like it. Joss Whedon fans across the world will be sitting up with interest as their favorite bleach-blonde vampire returns to the screen as Captain Jack's rival/old buddy/friend/possible love interest Captain John. If they ever toss a Captain Jill into the mix, they could have a storybook alien threesome. The new season of Torchwood starts January 26th on BBC America.