Wake up and smell the spoilers. We've got forbidden knowledge about Speed Racer, Jericho, Lost and Star Trek, below the fold.

  • Christina Ricci's character kung-fu fights and drives fast cars just like the boys in Speed Racer, but her lipstick always matches her car's chrome finish. [Sci Fi Wire]
  • When rescuers show up on the island, the residents divide about whether to leave, and Jack's group may make the wrong choice. And Jack and Kate may have a baby. [Watch With Kristin]
  • The President of the USA visits a rebuilding Jericho, and Stanley proposes to former cityslicker Mimi in Jericho season two. [SyFyPortal]
  • You can quit doing the Vulcan breath-holding ritual for a Shatner cameo in Star Trek XI, but Greg Grunberg (Heroes) may appear. [Moviehole]
  • The Gatchaman film will have more realistic faces than other CGI movies, and develop the origins of the spacefaring Ninja team. [IESB]
  • Hancock, Will Smith's drunken superhero movie, will be a broad, Wayans-esque comedy, judging from this trailer. [BuzzSugar]
  • The Doctor will cop a feel of Kylie Minogue's waitress character Astrid — and Jennifer Saunders (AbFab) may play the Doctor Who lead for one episode. [The Sun]