The trailer for the French scifi film Eden Log shows you something that looks like H.R. Giger creation crossed with the Crystalline Entity from Star Trek: The Next Generation. We aren't sure what that thing is supposed to be, but we hope this dark holiday release doesn't devolve into a creature chase. Director Franck Vestiel worked as the assistant director on Marc Caro's french scifi film Dante 01, which also involves some sort of zombie/virus/mutant terrorizing spacefarers, so this might be the start of a très formidable French science fiction trend. More images after the jump.

From a translation of the Eden Log website:

"A man regains consciousness at the bottom of a cave. Tolbiac has not got the slightest idea what events brought him there, nor what has happened to the man whose corpse he discovers next to him. The only way to escape the creature that pursues him: climb to the surface through a series of paths with the atmosphere of a graveyard, abandoned by a mysterious organization: Eden Log."


No mention of that funky root-system thing, unless that's the series of paths. Eden Log opens on December 26th in France, and if we're lucky it might make it to the States by the end of 2008 on DVD. Then we can find out what the hell that thing actually is.