People who play the Myst puzzle games are often so taken with the steampunk beauty of the worlds in them that they begin to see Myst imagery everywhere. No, they're not crazy. We have photographic evidence. The left-hand photo above was taken of real tubes in Berlin (photo by extranoise), while the one on the right is from the latest Myst title Uru. More real-life Myst after the jump.

Here's a picture taken by rumpleteaser in Japan (left) side-by-side with an image of mysterious rock formations from the Myst game End of Ages.

Here you have Bowen Island off the coast of Vancouver on the right, and an island from the game End of Ages of the left. What I love about this real-life photograph from jurvetson is that it captures a landscape turned into a massive game, which is exactly what every Myst game captures too. The rocks you see in the Myst image are also a puzzle, of course.