Watching Alan Cumming unzip his head of cutsey braids as the "Scarecrow" in the SciFi Channel's Tin Man last night reminded me of another role he played as Nightcrawler, the crazy blue mutant from X-Men 2 . . . and another role as a freaky god named Loki in Son of the Mask. He's always this ambiguously gay elfish creature. Let us consider the mutant evolution of Cumming, shall we?

First there was the prissy alien Cumming in Flintstones:

Then there was the campy, fey, matching-crazy-suit bad guy Flegan Floop in Spy Kids:

Butch-but-swishy Nightcrawler from X-Men 2 came next:

And let's not forget Loki, another campy, fey, matching-crazy-suit creature in Son of the Mask:

And that lands us at today, where Cumming is having the gay mutant alien career that Tim Curry could only dream of after The Rocky Horror Picture Show put him on the map.


Maybe it's because Cumming makes his own perfume? Because he likes monsters? Because he's openly queer?

Hard to say, really. But one thing is for sure: he sure makes a cute sissy alien mutant boy, and Hollywood could always use more of those.