A bunch of innocent teens are raving in the forest when . . . they're trampled by a giant woolly mammoth, re-animated after thousands of years in ice by an alien implant that tells it to KILL KILL. Summer Glau, whose powers of acting have been used more wisely in Firefly and upcoming Sarah Connor Chronicles, is the teen whose geek dad wants to save the mammoth because (you guessed it) IT COULD BE THE SCIENTIFIC PHENOMENON OF THE MILLENNIUM.

The best part of this made-for-SciFi Channel movie is that they couldn't stop with undead mammoth; they even couldn't stop with alien-controlled undead mammoth; no, they had to make it a vampire undead alien-controlled mammoth. At the end of this clip, you can see the mammoth sucking life force out of the special agent. Using its trunk. What kind of drugs enabled this pitch meeting? Seriously, I need to know so I can take some.