What is it with the stars of TV's Lost constantly getting nabbed for drunk driving? Is it yet another curse of the mysterious Island, or are conditions so boring in Hawaii that the actors just sit around with a bottle in hand when they aren't filming?

Let's assume for a moment that you're one of the thousands of actors trying to make it in Hollywood, fighting daily for auditions, waiting tables by night, and hoping your big break will come along at any moment. Then suddenly you're catapulted into fame and fortune and starring on a hit show that films in, of all places, a tropical paradise. Sounds fairly idyllic, so what would lead someone in that position to become a drunk-driving boozehound?

Daniel Dae Kim: Kim plays enigmatic Korean Jin-Soo on the show, and he's the latest in a trio of Lost stars drinking their way to DUI charges. He's also the first actor to actually fight his arrest in court. He pled not guilty on Friday to the charges from his October 25th arrest, which included a blood alcohol reading that was above the "highly intoxicated" level. We're not sure what sort of evidence he'll be presenting in his case, but look for plenty of black smoke and escape hatches.

Cynthia Watros: After playing one of the survivors from the tail section on the show, and later Hurley's love interest, Cynthia was pulled over and arrested on the same day as fellow costar Michelle Rodriguez, although she was driving a separate vehicle. She plead guilty to driving under the influence, and was later killed off by Michael on the show via an "accidental" gunshot. Ka-blam. However, it looks like she'll be returning this year, albeit in flashbacks and dream sequences. Don't give up on Hurley getting some action just yet.

Michelle Rodriguez: Michelle played hothead L.A. cop Ana Lucia, and her problems onscreen mirrored some of her offscreen dramas, including an arrest for assault, a hit and run, and a previous DUI. After being arrested the same day as Cynthia Watros, she also plead guilty and was offed seconds before Cynthia was on the same episode. Coincidentally, the show where they both bit it was called "Two For The Road." She's back on the hot seat lately, having broken her probation. Chances are she'll be serving more time before she appears in James Cameron's Avatar.


We're not sure if the monotonous days of filming are driving these actors to excess, or if it's something darker and more mysterious. However, if we were betting people, we'd have to put money on Josh Holloway's Sawyer as being the next to guzzle and gas. After all, it would be fitting for his character who has amassed quite a hoard of alcohol on the show. With the writer's strike holding up filming, it might be causing everyone to catch Island fever.