Christian Bale will star in Terminator 4, aka Terminator: Salvation, several news sites are reporting. But will he play a Terminator? Or will he play John Connor, as AICN claims? Neither, says CHUD. Instead, he'll play a character who is "new to the Terminator mythos." That jibes with some other recent reports about the direction of the movie.

Those stories suggested that the new Terminator film will feature a character who is the Ben Hur to John Connor's Jesus. Whoever he plays, Bale could lend some desperately needed gravitas to yet another stop-Skynet movie. Image by Dara Kushner/Goff Photos. [CHUD]

  • Maggie Q may play Silver Fox, Wolverine's CIA operative girlfriend, in the new Wolverine movie. The Irish-Vietnamese actress has appeared in a lot of Asian films, plus Mission Impossible III and Live Free Or Die Hard. [IESB]
  • NBC's Journeyman could be canceled if the ratings for its next couple of episodes don't soar. NBC might not even bother to air all of the episodes that have been filmed. Part of the problem? NBC isn't interested in ratings from viewers who tape the show on their digital recorders, or watch the show online. NBC may have sabotaged the show by advertising widely that you can watch episodes online, and then refusing to count those viewers. [Zap2It, Via Slice of SciFi]
  • You won't be seeing Teeth any time soon, in spite of the cool trailer that came out last week. The acclaimed vagina dentata movie has been pushed back to late 2008 by a skittish distributor. [Bloody Disgusting]