Wake up and smell the science, people.

  • A bunch of researchers say they can turn any cell into a stem cell. There's always a big problem with stem cells, despite their potential to regrow brains and stuff, because they're harvested from human embryos. That's why the Bush Administration outlawed making them for a while. But if these researchers are right, researchers could harvest stem cells from a cheek swab and sidestep a lot of moral gray areas.

    Grow an electronic nose after the jump.
  • Are you missing a nose? Perhaps you just want to replace the one you have because it's always running, snoring, or stuffy. Now you can get rid of it and replace it with a nano-wire-enabled electronic nose that does your smelling for you.
  • Behold the giant claw of the undersea scorpion who apparently was considerably larger than a human. Of course it's about 390,000,000 years old. Way before our time.
  • Most people believe that suicide rates go up over the holidays. But, according to a new study, that's a myth perpetuated by the media every year around this time. Apparently you're no more likely to off yourself during T-Day than at any other time when you're surrounded by drunken relatives eating tofurky.