Raunchy Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood is a guilty pleasure, featuring glam-rock cyborgs, small-town mass murder and giant monsters from outside of time. The good news is you won't have to watch any Doctor Who to understand what's going on. Torchwood is edgy, saucy fare that belongs on premium cable. Sort of like Mad Men with monsters. And now its second season will air in January on BBC America. That means Americans get to see new episodes at almost the same time as the Brits.

A lot of the storylines deal with the soap opera of our heroes having sex in the crawlspaces while hiding from a monster, and then angsting about it. In this clip, an alien spore infects a nice girl, turning her into a slut who screws men and then makes them explode. That's a pretty typical plot from Torchwood, which follows a secret organization (called Torchwood) that uses alien technology to cope with weird creatures that come through a local time rift. The show's first season became a surprise hit in the U.S. With almost no other science fiction TV on the air, this could be a good time to discover Torchwood's sleazy charms.

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