Blade Runner: The Final Cut is coming out on DVD next month, and packaged with it is a feature-length documentary about making the movie called Dangerous Days. Everyone is in this doc, including Ridley Scott and the ever-elusive Harrison Ford. After the jump, check out io9's exclusive clip from the documentary where writer David Webb Peoples talks about writing Rutger Hauer's famous speech as his character is dying at the end of the movie.

Peoples mentions he was brought in to work on the Blade Runner script after the studio had exhausted Hampton Fancher with multiple drafts. Then Hauer came in and added some of his own stuff to People's pages, ad-libbing the famous "tears in the rain" off the cuff. Nice to know that an ad-lib led to one of the most memorable lines from the film.

Peoples went on to write Ladyhwake, also starring Rutger Hauer, Unforgiven for Clint Eastwood, and the time-traveling viral classic, Twelve Monkeys. Looks like having Rutger Hauer drop in a few lines wasn't such a bad thing.