Twelve new images from the upcoming monster film Cloverfield have been released online. But just like the new trailer, they sadly don't reveal anything new about the J.J. Abrams-produced thriller. If they keep releasing non-information to the masses, people are either going to turn out in droves to find out what it's all about or stay away and wait for the DVD. Paramount has been doing a stellar job of keeping the secret of Cloverfield under wraps, and the strategy is backfiring. Leaked photos from the set that reveal nothing but a bunch of people in hazmat suits aren't getting people excited.

All that's known about this film so far is that some sort of monster (or monsters) are terrorizing New York City


and that the monster definitely isn't Godzilla. We also know there will be a lot of hand held shakycam footage in an effort to seem real and gritty. But you've gotta show a little more skin on that creature in the shadows if you want movie-goers to take notice.

Now if only Abrams could maintain the same veil of secrecy around Star Trek. We really don't need to know every time an additional background character is cast.

Cloverfield image gallery

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