Is the virtual universe ready for Men's Lib? In World of Warcraft they are. Fans are getting irked about how the male characters in WOW are so muscle-bound and macho-bulky that they are practically unable to move. While female characters are lithe and flexible, the men hobble around in so much armor that it's as if they're wearing high heeled shoes all over their ridiculously proportioned bodies. Is this a feminist plot?

Sadly, it probably isn't. This is a clear case of male self-oppression, guys designing their own avatars to be so physically imposing that they are pretty much useless. One day, though, I hope to hear that there is a secret hacker army of female game developers who have infiltrated Blizzard Games and started designing male characters to look as ridiculous as possible. They would be a combination of ninja warriors and culture jammers. And they would all look like this:

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder [WOW Insider]