Here, in full color, is exhibit A for why it's hard to sell science fiction novels. What exactly is a graphic designer supposed to do with a book that literally has the word "wank" in the title?

Maybe put a Dracula-headed guy in a purple robe and have him hold a teeny lizard guy in his hands as if he were part of some obscure reptile fetish Web ring? Yeah that's the ticket. There's a whole roundup of bad covers over at Cracked, where you'll notice that fantasy books are much worse off than science fiction. The sad thing is that a lot of these awful fantasy covers look a lot like current ads for The Golden Compass.

Here's the stinker:

Here's the allegedly great winter seasonal flick with high-wattage stars. Same cheesy outfit, same heroic pose. Only difference is the bear is bigger:

The Best (Worst) Fantasy and Science Fiction Book Covers [Cracked]