Apparently a rusty freighter is going to be joining the cast of Lost whenever it starts airing again. If internet photos and rumors are to be believed, then the ship is docked in Suva, the capital city of Fiji, and has seen better days. But what does this mean for everyone on the island?

Right now, it only means wild speculation by everyone who hasn't jumped ship with the show already. The season finale for Lost promised good things to come, with everything taking place in the future, but how will this freighter fit into the mix? Is this the ship that Naomi was using as a staging ground in her search for Desmond? Remember, she flew out there in a chopper that had to come from somewhere, and she had a whole crew back onboard waiting on her call on the satellite phone. Of course, Locke backstabbed her, literally, so we're not really sure if that was the truth or not.


Depending on when ABC decides to start airing this show, we should have some answers. Maybe Jack stops wishing for plane crashes and charters this rustbucket in an effort to get back to where he once belonged.

Spoilers: first look at the freighter [Spoilers Lost]