Webisodes: should you bother watching these two minute blips of video that permeate the web? Sometimes they only serve as advertising fluff, but occasionally you'll get a juicy tidbit or two, like seeing what Admiral "Husker" Adama was up to during the first Cylon war. There are lot of them out there, but are they worth your time? The io9 team of sentient eyeballs has checked into the situation, and here's a handy-dandy guide to what new stuff is out there, and if it's worth watching or not.

Battlestar Galactica: Razor — While you won't see these clips when Razor is televised on November 24th, but they'll be a part of the longer DVD release that you can pick up on December 4th. Verdict: not too shabby, and they show us some sneak peeks at the first Cylon war.

Lost: Missing Pieces — These unique Lost webisodes may be the only thing you have to comfort yourself with if the writer's strike continues and the show gets pushed until 2009. Verdict: hammy, cheesy, and it isn't even a sandwich. It's this sort of over schmaltzy storytelling that killed season three for a lot of the fans. Did we learn anything of substance here? It just seems like a variation on the Pulp Fiction watch scene, except without Christopher Walken. Just because they're new doesn't mean they're going to be good.

Heroes: Video OverloadHeroes is fond of inundating people who visit their website with sensory overload, but there's some good stuff in here. Skip the semi-lame "Zeroes" spoof video, and check out the character profiles, which feature new and unseen footage, and the impressive Takezo Kensei documentary on the Yamagato Fellowship page that is leaps and bounds better than the actual "Hiro in Feudal Japan" storyline. Verdict: some of this stuff is better than season two has been.