Plagues are the new monsters. Just look at Quarantined, the movie Screen Gems just green-lighted about a reporter and her camera crew, trapped inside a building where a deadly new strain of rabies rages. It sounds very 28 Days Later, but also like a zoom-lens on the future of our overpopulated and psychotic global village.

Quarantined is a remake of a Spanish horror film, Rec, which doesn't even come out until Nov. 23. It stars Jay Hernandez (Hostel) and Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter). Director and co-writer John Erick Dowdle also directed the forthcoming Poughkeepsie Tapes, about a serial killer who videotapes his gruesome tortures. Could the writer's strike be helping to rush a total schlock-fest into production? Or will this be a searing look into the future of bioterror and superbugs? The answer, alas, is probably both of the above.

Screen Gems Locks In 3 For Quarantined [Hollywood Reporter]