The science of porn addiction

Hey you. We see what you're looking at in that private browser window. Don't be ashamed. Everyone knows the internet was made for porn (well... porn, cats and social media, to be exact — and sometimes all three at once). Just remember to be careful out there — internet porn addiction may not be officially recognized by the DSM-IV (and probably won't be anytime soon), but it shares a number of notable similarities with substance dependence.


In this video, "The Science of Pornography Addiction," AsapSCIENCE's Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown deliver the goods on the internet's drug of choice. Is the Internet actually in the grips of a porn epidemic? That's debatable. But porn's neuroplastic effects on the brain, and the impact these changes could have on our sexual relationships in real life, are definitely worthy of consideration, at least.


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Gizmodo says this is all hokum. I say we have an inter-site fight.