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Joss Whedon Explains The Universe

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Mother Jones' Sheerly Avni sat down with Joss Whedon (Firefly, Dollhouse) for 40 minutes, and the entire interview is online as an audio file. Hear why Joss would never get along with Firefly's hero Mal Reynolds, and why Dollhouse is about how our most secret and grotesque obsessions are really the things that make us beautiful. Oh, and what went wrong with Astonishing X-Men's "Danger" story arc. (Short version: Joss forgot what the X-Men's story is really about, and fixated on something nobody else cared about.) [Mother Jones]


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I've been reading X-Men (and some of the spin-offs) for more than 30 years now (since #108). The last really good stuff was around #201 (and the only really good spin-off was the early Seinkowitz [sic] New Mutants). There was a good deal of crap in there, but mostly the last 8 or so years have just been mediocre. And I'd put Joss Whedon's stuff in that category as well.