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The Movie That Killed George W. Bush

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This Election Day marks the symbolic end of the Bush administration, and some thought it would never come. That's why two years ago, a team of filmmakers decided to end Bush’s term prematurely with Death of a President. The film has courted controversy for its depiction of Bush’s assassination, but what’s important is what comes afterward in this weird twist on near-future scifi.Death of a President is shot as faux documentary, set six years after October 19, 2007, the day George W. Bush was assassinated. Through interviews with talking heads, Secret Service agents, and those involved in the subsequent investigation, the film gradually unravels the mystery of who shot the president. We learn that an Assyrian man with possible ties to al-Qaeda was arrested, but it soon becomes clear that another man may be responsible, and now-President Cheney has been politicizing Bush’s death to advance his own agenda. After its premiere at the 2006 Toronto Film Festival, the film aired in Finland and on More 4 in the UK. However, a boycott by major chains nearly killed its US release, and the Japanese government attempted to ban it outright.

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Not a badly done movie at all, though it has one glaring error (the idea of a sniper hitting a human target at the Sheraton from the 400 North block of Clark in Chicago is just goofy).