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The Rob Zombie Diet Plan

New horror comedy Burn Off reveals the hidden madness behind the perfect diet drink: it works like a charm, but drives you mad and causes you to murder your loved ones. Cinema Blend hears a rumor that the comedy leading lady Anna Faris is attached to the project, and that they're gunning for Rob Zombie to direct. I'm for it, because I'd like to see Zombie do a clean-looking film that gets dirty real quick. [Cinema Blend]


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Some updates from the producers from Telepathy Film Productions i heard that there gonna be making offers out to

Anna Faris, Jack Black hopefully his schedule will be flexible heâs doing the new Gulivers Travel in March 09 also Sean

William Scott ,and Macolm Mc Dowel to name a few they plan on shooting in Mrs. Faris home town of Washington so

maybe that would make her feel better in her home town close to her delightful parents we shall see were shooting for

pre- production early Dec starting all pre- production building the Spx Effects, gwtting our locations, hiring full crew.