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Humanity's Comedy Future Is Emotion-Free

Illustration for article titled Humanitys Comedy Future Is Emotion-Free

The humanity of the year 3034 has lost the ability to feel emotion, and is full of quasi-familiar faces like Babylon 5's Claudia Christian and Boba Fett himself, Jeremy Bulloch. Plus, it's under attack from aliens who want to save the universe from the unstoppable human menace. A terrifying glimpse into our future, or the start of a set-up for a new TV comedy? Hint: Claudia Christian was a clue.The show, Starhyke, was filmed in the UK in 2004, but it's taken over four years to add all the special effects needed for all six episodes - in part because of the show's $1.3million for the entire season (compared with Heroes $4million per episode, for example) - and the show still hasn't found a channel to call home yet. That doesn't mean that no-one'll see it: the show has its world premiere tomorrow in Bristol's Cinema De Lux to 600 sci-fi fans. The rest of us can wait for the promised announcement of a TV premiere next year, followed by a DVD release.

Bristol sci-fi series gets its premiere at Cabot Circus [This Is Bristol]


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The comedy seems very forced.