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Jack Bauer’s Right-Hand Woman Finds Love on Lost

Illustration for article titled Jack Bauer’s Right-Hand Woman Finds Love on Lost

As Michelle Dessler on 24, Reiko Aylesworth battled terrorists, nuclear threats, and office politics. Now she’s joining the cast of Lost, where she’s sure to get caught up in the intricate mysteries and conspiracies of the Island. But it seems her character will be less interested in unraveling those enigmas than in finding love with one of the castaways.The Hollywood Reporter reports that Aylesworth is in negotiations to play “Amy,” a “smart and successful professional woman with a love for the outdoors who is looking the right man.” Her character will appear in at least four episodes. As we reported earlier, Michael Ausiello at EW said one of the cast members, probably Sayid, is due for a new love interest. And, given her description as a “professional” and Sayid’s recent gig murdering Charles Widmore’s business associates, it’s possible she’ll be linked to the shadowy industrialist. Hopefully, she won’t meet the same fate as Sayid’s last Widmore-connected fling. [The Hollywood Reporter via Den of Geek]


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ugh, she was one of my least favorite characters on 24. i'll try not to bring that bias over to Lost, but it might be tough.