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The Platonic Form of the B-Movie

Everything that producer/director Brian "Beyond Re-Animator" Yuzna does is carefully crafted to embody the perfect B-movie. Case in point is his production company Halcyon International's new flick Alien Uprising. This trailer makes the movie so uncannily similar to every other scifi horror movie that it transcends trash to become a kind of apotheosis of genre. We've got everything here, people: An alien world with a prison, hot babes in cool armor, guns in enclosed spaces, a drooling alien, and a voice over that intones "FEAR THE FUTURE." How can you resist the pull of Alien Uprising? From his cinematic castle in Spain, Yuzna pumps tons of these flicks out to my endless delight. He directed the late-80s masterpiece Society, going on to do several Re-Animator flicks, a couple of Dentist movies (yes, Corbin Bernson the deadly dentist!), and now his production company fills the world with B-movies the way the tooth fairy fills your pockets with little bloody teeth. Alien Uprising [via Halcyon International]


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Annalee Newitz

I love how they use the stock footage of lava to show the "alien world."