A Clone And His Own Corpse Go On A Crazy Road Trip

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Movies about cloning usually deal with some kind of identity crisis — it's inherent in the subgenre — but few of them are as weird, or potentially as profound, as The Clone Returns To The Homeland, a new Japanese film that's already being compared to Tarkovsky's Solaris. The story of an astronaut who dies and is replaced by a clone with faulty memories could soon be showing up at your local arthouse, or DVD rental store. Click through for a plot synopsis and the trailer (in Japanese only, sadly.) In The Clone Returns, Kohei Takahara's twin brother dies by drowning, and Kohei blames himself. At his mother's death bed, Kohei promises that he'll live extra long to make up for his brother's death. But years later, Kohei is serving as an astronaut on a space station, and dies in an accident. His widow wants compensation, but then finds out that Kohei asked to be brought back in a clone body, implanted with his memories. Unfortunately, the process is faulty, and the clone is stuck on the traumatic memory of his brother's drowning, and can't remember anything after that. The clone finds the dead body of the original Kohei, and mistakenly thinks it's his twin brother's corpse. The clone decides to carry his own dead body all the way back to his old home town, where he makes a shocking discovery. It sounds incredibly arty, but possibly also brilliant. And here's the trailer: The Clone Returns to the Homeland trailer
Click to view [The Clone Returns, via QuietEarth]


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Uhhhhh. How did Astronaut Kohei's body end up in the Japanese countryside, no less his old home town?