Book Your Posthumous Voyage to the Moon

Although the ashes of Gene Roddenberry, Timothy Leary, and James Doohan are currently in orbit around the Earth, the remains of only one person, planetary scientist Eugene Shoemaker, have ever been sent to the moon. Now the company that helped put him there, Celestis, is opening up lunar burial to the public. So, even if you never get to visit the moon in life, you can make it your final resting place.Since 1997, space memorial firm Celestis has been sending cremated human remains into space, generally in Earth’s orbit. In 1999, it arranged to have a portion of Shoemaker’s remains attached to the Lunar Prospector, which deposited his ashes on the moon. Now, Celestis has announced that, by as soon as 2010, it will send more human remains to the moon, thanks to an agreement with two private spaceflight companies. For $12,500, you can send one gram of ashes from one person in a capsule to the moon, or for $18,750, up to two grams of ashes from two different people. If you're looking to journey even farther from home, Celestis expects to launch a deep space mission by 2011, which will also start at $12,500. But, for the posthumous spacefarer on a budget, the memorial company will continue to offer Earth orbit services for as little as $1,295. [Celestis via Yahoo! via Scenario Land]

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I would actually prefer my ashes shot randomly toward deep space. If my damned soul is forever bound to my remains, it would be a lot more fun.