Aaron Eckhart Leaves Gotham To Battle Aliens In LA

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No more dealing with street rats and common thieves for Harvey Dent. Batman's White Knight has been cast in the in the scifi thriller Battle: Los Angeles - Eckhart is playing the leader of a platoon fighting an army of invading aliens in sunny California.The film is being directed by Jonathan Liebesman who is best known for his work in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning. It sounds like a big budgeted epic alien war film, and so be it I say. The world could use a short reprise from all the zombie attacks and apocalyptic weather of doom scenarios. Let's settle down for some good old fashioned alien attacks. Chris Bertolini who adapted the pretty graphic The General's Daughter is writing Battle which takes place right in the heart of LA. Eckhart and his brave soldiers are the final line of defense between alien and human (why they decided to go into LA first I have no idea). [The Hollywood Reporter]



How to survive an alien invasion. Step one: do not live in these following places: L.A., New York (state or city), That place in South America with the huge stature, and Florida (they're gonna go for the bridges). I can't really help any further then that. Sorry.