Yes, They're Still Making Butterfly Effect 3

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Reason be damned, they are still going forward with the third Butterfly Effect movie (Yes, there was a second). Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations follows a young boy that seize-nosebleeds back in time to uncover the mystery surrounding his girlfriend's murder. So it's exactly like the first, but without Thumper, Amy Smart or sassy-pants camera-hawking whats-his-face. Take a closer look at the stills from Butter 3 and see the youths seize themselves back into time.Why Revelations? Probably because everyone who participated in the creation of this film should meet the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and be dragged off into the nether regions of Hell. Butterly Effect 3 will be screened at the After Dark Horrorfest on January 9 through the 15th.

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Corpore Metal

The trouble I have with romance based time travel stories is the complete lack of emotional maturity their protagonists display.

You keep wanting to yell at the characters, "[S]He's dead! There are no soulmates you idiot! There are always other fish in the sea. Heal! Grow up and move on. It's what [s]he'd want for you."