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Eleventh Hour Gets Fourteenth Through Eighteenth Hours As Well

Illustration for article titled Eleventh Hour Gets Fourteenth Through Eighteenth Hours As Well

It may not be a favorite around these here parts, but Eleventh Hour has proven popular enough with the rest of America to be given a full-season order by CBS... Well, an almost full season, anyway.


Variety reported Monday that CBS has given an order for the "back five" episodes of the season - bringing the season total to eighteen episodes, instead of the more common twenty-two. The reason for the shorter season, according to the report, is the network's unhappiness at the show's lack of success in holding onto the audience of CSI, the show that precedes it on Thursday evenings. Despite this, Eleventh Hour is the second most popular new show on television this season (The Mentalist is #1), with 12 million viewers on average each episode... making the Eye Network look more than a little stingy in shorting on the season.

CBS extends 'Eleventh Hour' [Variety]

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Fringe is better. I have yet to make it through an episode of Eleventh Hour.