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Eliza Dushku Frolics Among Her Dollhouse Lovelies

Illustration for article titled Eliza Dushku Frolics Among Her Dollhouse Lovelies

Is anyone not excited to see Eliza Dushku get all Aliased out with different personalities, skills, and hopefully wigs? New pics from the Dollhouse glamour world should erase any doubts from your mind.


Fox released a few new hot shots of our main lady Dushku looking tan, and ready to be programmed to be whoever or whatever you need. If you had a day with Dushku to be whatever you so desired, what would you want her programmed as. Me, I'd get a rough-and-tumble bully to go set my drum-playing upstairs neighbors straight. Get 'em butt kicking Echo on their loud asses.

Joss Whedon's world of programmable women and men in Dollhouse comes to Fox on January 13.

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My wife and I used to watch 'Tru Calling' and noticed that Dushku has a Jorge Posada neck. It kind of hangs lower than the rest of her body. My wife dubbed her 'Turkey Neck Tru'.