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"Mystique and Me" Schools You In Childcare For Shape-Shifters

Illustration for article titled Mystique and Me Schools You In Childcare For Shape-Shifters

What would life be like if now-pregnant Rebecca Romijn was actually her X-Men chracter, Mystique, in real life, and pregnant with Jerry O'Connell's human seed? I smell a sitcom — check out the video.


"Mystique is Pregnant" featuring Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn by Jerry Minor


Since Romijn is actually pregnant with O'Connell's demon seed in real life, I feel it's only fair to discuss the real life implications of this arrangement. I.E. the next scene should have John Stamos barge in dressed as Sabretooth or Forge and end O'Connell's existence. Thanks Funny or Die.

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Serious question here.

Is there any way for me to go back in time and "unclick" this link, thereby subtracting my pageview and not implicitly signifying my approval of this video by having watched it?

I'm flexible about the method here. Anything from a TARDIS to Bill and Ted's phone booth will suffice. (Huh. Actually I guess those aren't all that different are they?)