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Make a Cat Feeder Out of Your Old VCR

Our pals over at the superlative MAKE: magazine have finally launched their public television show, which celebrates the spirit of mad science by profiling weird inventions you can create in your own home.

One of my favorite MAKE: projects has always been this VCR cat feeder, which I first heard about several years ago when MAKE: launched its magazine. Now they've done a fun TV segment on it, one of many which you can watch for free on YouTube or at the MAKE:TV website. Or you can watch it on Twin Cities Public Television and American Public Television.


Also on the first episode, you'll learn about bicycle rodeo techniques, which will introduce you to a very important area of bicycle studies. Plus, the laser harp, the TV-B-Gone (which switches off those annoying TVs in bars), and much more.

Tune in to MAKE on television!

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I call "industry trained cat" on this. Like, one of those animals that are trained to appear on TV shows.

I don't know any cat that is going near that giant spinning gear thing while it's turning. Except maybe to launch a number of insanely futile guerilla attacks and then run away.