Sarah Connor Will Haunt Terminator Salvation

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Just when you think the robots have finally beaten our favorite crazy-pants heroine, rumors of a Linda Hamilton cameo in Terminator Salvation are circulating again. No man — or robot — can keep her down.

At the L.A. stop on the McG Terminator roadshow, the director shared his dream of getting the original Sarah Connor in on the Terminator Salvation project. He would like to get Linda Hamilton to contribute a voice-over from the diary tapes we see her making in the original films, which would appear at the beginning and end of the film. This makes sense, as Sarah should not be around according to the Terminator timelines, but her tapes certainly could.


Mc G told the press that:

"We're in the business of doing that right now," McG said. "So we'll see what happens. She seems to be very supportive of the film. I look forward to showing it to her in about a week or so." He added: "The tapes that she left for her son to be aware of what it was going to take to win the war, those are the tapes that are going to bring us in and out of the picture."

[Sci Fi Wire]

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What about an actual cameo rather than just a voiceover?

Stick in a dream sequence or a flashback of when Sarah was still alive and kicking ass.