Damon Lindelof Joins Hollywood Brain Trust On Cowboys And Aliens

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Gun slinging cowboys take on aliens — with a rumored Robert Downey Jr. leading the calvary. Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci fill in the details on how their laser-blasting Western is coming along.


In an interview with First Showing this big-time Hollywood duo revealed that Damon Lindelof from Lost has joined in the script-writing process. Which is no huge surprise, as the three all worked together on J.J. Abrams' Star Trek.

Cowboys And Aliens is still deep in the writing process, according to the two, and they haven't begun to think of directors. But interesting side note, when they were asked about its possible competition with the supernatural western Jonah Hex movie, neither seemed worried.

Kurtzman: Not really. That doesn't matter because they're so different ultimately.

Orci: In a way you have to put that kind of stuff out of your mind, then once everything is ready to go, then you really look at it. Then it's the studio's decision whether or not they want to take a gamble with competing. We just have to keep our heads down and keep going forward.

Let's let time pass a little, and we'll see just how worried they are, since I think the same audiences will be anticipating the release of both of these films.


I'd be more interested in a Jonah Hex film. 'Specially with spooky horror elements although that would make it more like Heavy Metal's "Tex Arcana", wouldn't it? I remember Jonah being "just" a badass with the scariest scar ever.

He went to the future once (ugh), but I don't recall much supernatural stuff. Can y'all refresh my recollection?