Is Fox Shunning SF For Fall?

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Fox became the first TV network to announce their slate of new pilots for fall yesterday, and worryingly, only one of them is science fiction. Has the honeymoon come to an end for the network?


While shows like Dollhouse, Fringe and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (and the currently-in-rework new Ron Moore show Virtuality) have shown that the network is one of the more SF-friendly networks out there — Compare Fox's SF line-up to ABC's or CBS's, for example — the seven new pilots yesterday veer away from the genre, perhaps reflecting falling audiences for shows like NBC's Heroes and its own Terminator, as well as the problems the network has had with getting Dollhouse and Virtuality to air.

(The closest show to the genre is an as-yet untitled drama about "reincarnation experts" who solve the problems of their clients' former lives, something about which reminds me of the dear departed Pushing Daisies; perhaps more interesting to comic book fans is the greenlighting of the McG-produced adaptation of Human Target, wherein a bodyguard assumes the identity of his clients to protect them from assassins, but occasionally loses his own sense of identity in the process.)

These seven shows do not represent the entirity of Fox's fall pilot slate - Two other pilots were already announced, including the one sole SF show, comedy Boldly Going Nowhere - but with Terminator and Dollhouse both seen as at risk due to their new Friday timeslots, it'll be interesting to see if the network moves into the 2009 Fall season with Fringe and a new Red Dwarf as their only SF shows... or if Virtuality needs so much re-editing that it gets bumped to September.

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Corpore Metal

They're going to make a US version of Red Dwarf?! I'm horrified and disgusted! I'm certain it will lose everything that made RD so good. When will Usan TV execs learn that, aside from crap like Three's Company, remaking UK TV series is always an unmitigated disaster.