Biology Rocks with Concert Posters for Academic Lectures

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Somebody over in the Biology Dept. at University of North Carolina understands that science just freakin rocks. That's why they commission a local indie poster designer to create flyers for their lectures.

These posters were all created by North Carolina's The Merch, a group of designers who usually create party invites, band posters, and awesome t-shirts. Above you can see four of UNC's recent events, advertised on posters that look like they should be plastered on the wall outside a venue where The Decemberists or Death Cab for Cutie are playing. I especially love the one about early mouse development - that mouse embryo really looks post-grunge in its stark freakiness. And how about "Human Pheromones and Olfaction"? That is totally Le Tigre's new album, if only Le Tigre were still making albums.

No word on whether these are all-ages shows, or if you have to be 21 to get into one of UNC's ultra-cool science concerts. Erm, I mean lectures. Collect all the posters.


Biology Posters via BoingBoing

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crashedpc /sarcasm

I'd show up with my studded leather choker, punk hair all done up like it was back in college, shredded jeans, all my tats in full display, and then totally dork out and be THAT guy who's in the front row seat raising my hand and calling out the professor every 5 minutes. Gods I hated those people.