Is Marvel Really Trying To Nickel-And-Dime Tony Stark?

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Mickey Rourke has finally been offered the role of Iron Man's evil nemesis Crimson Dynamo, but for a pathetic sum. Is Marvel intentionally trying to tank Iron Man 2?


First director Jon Favreau complains that Marvel was dragging its feet on the Iron Man 2 funding, which we wrote off as just Favreau being Favreau. Then they cut Terrence Howard loose as Iron Man's buddy Rhodey and we thought... well Howard is talented and crazy, so there must be some underlying reason. After that, Marvel started talking about ditching Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, possibly over money issues. And now, they offer Mickey Rourke, who would by all accounts make a pretty awesome Crimson Dynamo, a measly $250,000.

Why is this happening? Rourke could be days away from walking away with an Oscar for his role in The Wrestler, and after the Golden Globe win, he's back on the scene. He deserves better. Sure, maybe the Crimson Dynamo has a small part in the next sequel, but why would there be so much leaked hype around this baddie in that case? Plus Dynamo should be in the entire movie — every scene, if possible.

Either Marvel is having major money troubles, or they're trying to make a blockbuster movie on a shoestring budget, which means it will probably look like hell in the end. Come on, Marvel — let's throw a few bones Iron Man's way, he deserves it. After all Tony Stark made you over $500 million across the globe. [Variety]


You'd think that Marvel would invest more, not less, in the much anticipated sequel to a major box office winner. On the other hand, maybe they're hoping they can spend less and make more.

...or maybe they wanna spend less and make another Punisher movie...

I really hope WB isn't paying attention.