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The Ten Most Expensive Comic Books at New York Comic Con

Illustration for article titled The Ten Most Expensive Comic Books at New York Comic Con

If our list of the ten most expensive comic books at the New York Comic Con is any indication, the high-end comic book market hasn't yet experienced any fallout from the Financiapocalypse.


We spent the morning mired in "Vendor Alley" here at the 2009 New York Comic Con, wading through the boxes of mylar-clad and cardboard-backed books. The lanes of the north end of the convention floor are littered with small- and medium-sized stores peddling their wares. Heck, even my hometown web-based comic shop was here. But we were here to focus on the big dogs of the high-end comic market at the New York Comic Con — the vendors with the ten most expensive books for sale.

They weren't as difficult to find as we expected, given the current economic climate. But according to New Force Comics' Rick Whitelock there's a reason for that — the big collectors are still willing to pay big bucks. "There are some bargains to be had, but for the most part most high-end books are still going for a very high dollar amount," Whitelock said. "It hasn't hit us yet. The comic book industry is still strong." Our list would seem to prove that contention.


Click here to start the list of the ten most expensive comics!

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Um. . .were there no underground comix represented or are you only concerned with mainstream? I know that a Zap #1 in 9.4 can fetch at least 20 grand.