McG Talks Bale, Arnold And Why Michael Ironside Is The Real John Connor

We finally got to see Michael Ironside go toe-to-toe with Christian Bale when McG stopped by NYCC to show a Terminator: Salvation sizzle reel while dropping some major Original Terminator cameo hints.

First, lets talk the sizzle reel. What we saw was clips and cuts mostly from the roadshow that we reported on a few weeks back. But this cut had a bit more Ironside (who is looking pretty bad ass, and I'm talking Jean Rasczak Starship Troopers bad ass).


Ironside plays the the actual leader of the resistance, and someone who's sick of dealing with John "Promised Savior" Connor. In the reel, JC is yelling at Ironside to stop the big attack that the resistance is planning. Plus, he tells him all about how Skynet is gather up humans for "R and D" and learning how to replicate human tissue. Oh yeah, and we're all doomed and all that jazz. What I really love about all of these edited clips are the fact that still no one believes the Connors, even though you think they would (after all the things they've been through). Then again, who's going to listen to some foot soldier with an (allegedly) lunatic mom?


Also, McG is dropping major Arnold hints. Me, I firmly believe that the Original Terminator will be in this movie, but only in a CG Benjamin Button kind of way. Oh and he will most definitely be young. McG's comments are included in the above video, with a fan who has a preeeeeety bad ass shirt (take a look).

McG also attempted to call Christian Bale and have him listen to a crowd of cheering fans and know that we support him (minus that one guy that yelled out "fucking unprofessional," when the sound went out, to which McG said, "I don't get it"). McG was ready to let the whole Bale drama die (joking "What don't you understand?" when more fans asked about the melt down), but called when the subject came up. Sadly, Bale didn't answer (His wife did and she said hi and something else, but it wasn't Bale, so whatevs).

Little McG-isms we gleaned from the panel that aren't in the video:

On Michael Ironside:

He's out of his mind. How could you make this movie without Ironside? He won't look at playback. Because in his mind he's 6'4" with ripped abs and a full set of hair. [And that's exactly how we view him as well].


On Bale And That Whole Thing:

Christian's taking responsibility for the way he's acted, and it's a matter of fact that he and Shane are buddies.

We finished the movie together, we did additional photography about a month ago. And it was one of those moments, I think I can speak on all of our behalfs that we've all gotten fired up, and if anybody would take that moment and take it out of context it would seem very, very strange. And that's what happens in an internet universe, and it's really not as big of a deal as you want. And I wanted that level of passion to show up in the John Connor character. It's a war movie - I didn't want it to be lightweight. Christian said it himself he was sort of half Christian and half Connor, it just happened, it hasn't affected us in the slightest... From my experience trying to out huff and puff somebody who is wound up is not conducive to getting to a better place. So we let it run obviously let it run its course and you only get to hear the explosive parts, but that remix is pretty hot.


On John Connor Being An Annoying Futuristic Radio DJ:

The whole thing is the movie is about Connor becoming the leader. Think about it. You gotta guy who has to live underground. He's making broadcasts saying, "I know this to be the case and now look around and see what's happened. I know this that and the other. My mother told me, so I had the experience." He's foretelling the future.


So all in all, we got to hear more about Connor's new underground radio DJ job where he rants about robots, and we got to see Michael Ironside in full rebellion action. I'm telling you all I need to see now is some real heart-to-heart JC and Kyle Reese moments, and I'm on the Terminator: Salvation wagon.

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Why do you keep saying "Ironsides"? His surname is Ironside.