In just a thousand years, evolution will turn us all into supermodels, says British evolutionary psychologist and media whore Oliver Curry. That's because "sexual selection" naturally means that only people with the nicest faces and genitals get to produce babies — which anybody who's been to a baby shower will totally back up. Says Curry:

Human evolution will reach its peak in about the year 3000. By then, sexual selection will have bred men into tall, handsome studs with deep voices, square jaws and substantial penises. Their female counterparts will have smooth, hairless skin, glossy hair, large eyes and perky breasts, says Curry. But after that, it's all downhill.

Curry also claims within 100,000 years the human race will divide into two species, just like in The Time Machine. Over-reliance on technology will turn some humans into sensitive New Age wimps, while others will become dumb servants. It's just the sort of crap you should expect when the field of genetics is overrun by racist dickwads like James Watson. Image by high_me

Scientist: Human Race May Split In Two In Far Future [Fox News]