Evil Islamofascists are implanting neural chips into the brains of American POWs and turning them into what Jaime calls "human car bombs," though there's less exploding and more shooting and stabbing than this implies. To solve the problem, Jaime goes undercover as a British exchange student at the local university, a twist that allows actress Michelle Ryan to trot out her native accent. Luckily, Jaime's cute new CIA honey isn't part of the plot after all—and her James Joyce paper gets an A.

Over at the Berkut Group, Jaime's true worth is revealed. Nathan's watching Tom on Jaimecam when he blurts, "Keep your grubby hands off our $50 million piece of ..." "HEY," interrupts Antonio (apparently he's learned a thing or two about keeping his mouth shut after that debacle at his last place of employment).

Where are you when we need you, Sarah Corvus? And while we're asking questions, given all that circuitry in Jaime's head, why doesn't the Berkut Group dial directly into her bionic ear instead of calling her on the phone?