Oh, Sarah, Sarah. It's you who are truly transgressive and powerful—why else would you be strapped to a gurney for much of this episode? It's you who are the true bionic ballbuster, as you so capably showed tonight—unlike that weak sister, Jaime Sommers, who needs boss man Antonio to tell her what to do. Then again, perhaps Berkut Group dialed down the Girl Power for just this reason when creating the Bionic Woman 2.0. After all, malleability is a positive trait when it comes to cyborg weaponry—they only want Jaime to knock Antonio around enough to give her the illusion of power, not to maim, injure, or kill him, for goodness sake.

Speaking as someone who spent her summers at Ross Drake Stables, how cool is it that in addition to knowing her own self worth, Sarah loves horses? Will Coco turn out to be Sarah's Rosebud? I don't mean that in a dirty way. Honestly. And while Ruth may not do "warm and cuddly," Sarah certainly does, as Mr. Snowboarder is about to find out. Let's hope for his sake she now has that bionic hand under control.